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Quality Assurance

The program was designed to glean evidence needed to establish quality in work, to ensure activities that require good quality are performed effectively, and also to provide comprehensive feedback to both internal management and our customers.

Spectrum Global has designed a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program. By relying on quality assurance expertise and best practices from industry and the expertise of our founders, we developed a program to meet the needs of the customers that requires quality services in large, special events, even in remote locations often in extremely challenging environments.

The Program Includes:

1. Staff & Volunteer Training

2. Unscheduled Site Inspections

3. Site Safety Compliance Testing

4. Operations Inspections

5. Health, Food and Safety Compliance Testing

6. Effective Custo

The Program Evaluates Effectiveness and Quality

1. Food quality

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Sanitation

4. Inventory

5. Training

6. Health and Safety