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Presidents Message
Safety - HSSE​

As Spectrum Group expands its presence in different parts of the world, we shall conduct our operations in a manner that recognizes the diversity of cultures and customs we encounter and to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The Safety and Health of our workforce and our Environmental Stewardship are just as important to our success as Operational and Financial Performance, Government Relations, Ethical Behavior, Corporate Reputation, Social Responsibility, Customer Focus and Employee Involvement and Commitment.

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement in all we do and to the adoption of international industry standards and codes wherever practical. Our efforts in the areas of HSE will be directed by the following principles:

  • Community Citizenship: We strive to be good stewards of communities in which we work. We will conduct our operations safely, and responsibly and will be proactive in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to the protection of the environment and shall apply industry best practices to minimize the generation of emissions and waste throughout our operations.
  • Performance Measurement: We will establish appropriate measurement criteria and key performance indicators and measure our operations and HSE performance regularly and at all stages of operations. We will ensure all subcontractors follow all applicable standards and recognized codes of practice, including but not limited to risk assessment, emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance. We will periodically audit our process’s and procedures.
  • Communication: We will clearly communicate our HSE commitments, responsibilities and performance to our employees, our contractors and our clients.
  • Training: We will ensure that employees and contractors understand their HSE responsibilities, that they have the right training for their jobs and are competent to perform their assignments safely, effectively and efficiently.